Laws should be implemented for protection of water resources: President

KATHMANDU – President Bidya Devi Bhandari has stressed on the need to implement the concerned policies and laws for the protection of water resources.Speaking on the occasion of World Water Day at Shital Niwas today, President Bhandari stressed on proportional distribution of water between humans, soil and plants. She pointed out the need to end the habit of ignoring other days while formally celebrating Water Day only on March 22.

“Although the program to clean the Bagmati has been started since 2051 BS, it has not improved yet. Ichchhumati has been lost in the capital while stone spouts in the valley no longer provide water,” said President Bhandari.

President Bhandari said that the problem is also there development works are carried out without proper study and research. She drew the attention of all to the need to get involved in the politics of strengthening the nation. President Bhandari also committed to including the suggestions made by experts in this regard in the government’s policies and programs for the coming year.

Former Minister and Water Resources Expert Deepak Gyawali said that the local level should collect data on water resources in its geographical area. He said that after collecting the data of the source, it should be managed and used. Gyawali said that everyone should be vigilant as the water resources are drying up due to the construction made out by wiping out traditional ponds and lakes.

Expert Dr Subodh Sharma said that climate change has become a crisis for countries like Nepal. He said that there are 108 small and big lakes from Panchpokhari to Gosainkund and such sites should be conserved while suggesting the concerned bodies to study the condition of old ponds, streams, wells and stone spouts and preserve them.

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